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I'm so excited! The talented [ profile] semperfiona has produced a podfic out of one of my stories.

The Angel Investor
Story here

Podfic here

Go now and have a listen, and be sure and give Semperfiona kudos for her good work. She's also done podfics for other fandoms, which you might want to check out.
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At last, the story has gone live!

As I said, [ profile] teddyradiator and I wrote a HGSS multichap story in response to a set of horrifically challenging prompts suggested by [ profile] droxy. Teddy was under obligation to write the fic, but had had absolutely no inspiration and didn't know where to begin. I found a workable solution to the prompts, and then when Teddy was all jolly and vulnerable, I casually wormed my way into co-writing the thing, heh. Four months and fourteen chapters later, here we are: Droxy's Folly.

Per the terms of the [ profile] het_bigbang challenge, it's archived on AO3. Teddy has also been invited to post it on TPP, which she has begun to do. Since it's a finished work, have no fear about reading it there. I'll also start posting it on ff.n next week, since I still have confidence in the place, as strange as it seems.

All my love goes to [ profile] toblass for stepping up to be our beta! She put in a great deal of time and energy, and our story was much better for it. 

Also, thanks to het_bigbang, the talented [ profile] slr2moons took on the challenge of creating an illustration for Droxy's Folly! And it's a beautiful piece of work - so evocative, I just want to crawl inside and live there. I'll give you the link, but be sure and visit after you've read the fic, because the illustration contains a minor spoiler. 

I had the best time writing this, you guys, and we're both overjoyed at the reviews so far. Droxy even came out of her enforced hiatus from the internet to read and comment last night! 


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