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Still looking for a suitable cabin at Tahoe for July. My SIL and I tend to really work well together in time-sensitive situations like this. We've each taken on a handful of realtors' websites. We email each other a list of three with the favorite indicated. The other one writes back and says "Yes, bid on xxx" or "No, pass on xxx because..." and we keep going. She has a bid in on a nifty one, but if she doesn't get it, we'll go to our collective second choice and keep going. This time of year, the Tahoe vacation house bidding war is a furious business! Next year, we'll start earlier. We only got caught flat-footed at this late date because our usual cabin is being sold.

In other news, look who is living in NorCal now: My boyfriend, Hunter Pence! He is rehabilitating after a broken arm, and playing third in the lineup with the Sacramento River Cats, which is the Giants' AAA ball team. He's amazing. I would have linked to a picture where he doesn't have such crazy eyes, but crazy eyes is part of his charm, and I find it's best to be upfront about it.
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Saw this meme on [ profile] akatnamedeaster's blog this afternoon and I thought it looked cool. So here's what's going on with me:

What I'm reading:
The Killing Moon, a Nebula-nominated fantasy fic by N.K. Jemisin. This is my sci-fi/fantasy book club's next pick, and so far I am digging it. I have a few weeks before our next meeting, so I have time to read as slowly as I want, enjoying the way this author can turn a phrase.

What I'm modding:
I've never modded a comm, and I wouldn't know the first thing about it. For those of you who have, what's the toughest thing?

What I'm thinking about:
Summer vacation with my husband's family, and how bad blood has really crept into our fun. In years past, we used to rent this one great big cabin and just pile in. But in the last few years, resentments have begun to creep into our relationships. They can be put aside for a while, but not forgotten. Meanwhile, the cabin has been sold and is not available to rent anymore. So my family and my SIL's family are trying to look for cheap digs. Other families will stay in other cabins. And then we will meet at the beach, designated neutral territory. Fun will be had, I guess, but that old easy informality is gone, and I'm sad about it.

What I'm creating:
Nothing right now. I see [ profile] het_bigbang is gearing up for another summer run, which puts me in mind to write again with [ profile] teddyradiator. We've procrastinated on our next project so much! Maybe what we need is a deadline...

What I'm watching:
Mostly Giants baseball! I keep up with a couple of network television shows: Elementary and The Flash. Elementary turned out to be surprisingly low-key and sophisticated. The Flash, I started out being very disdainful of, and later grew to like for the interweaving story lines.
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One of my coworkers is 38 and is gunning for our boss's position. "I want to become a manager by the time I'm 40," she told me. To that end, she's giving herself a year to make it happen here, or else she will move on.

I admire her for having ambitious career goals. But I've never wanted to manage others. Like Dumbledore, when I get too much power, it goes to my head in negative ways and I tend to make life miserable for those around me. I'm better off in my specialty field. My goals involve getting very competent at the job I have now.

So, here are all my goals for 2013:

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