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Gifts from afar!
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be merry and briiiiight ...

Well, the work is done, and the reward is a half-day of peace and quiet, followed by an afternoon plus a second day of raucous togetherness. We opened a few presents here at home. My groom made us pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon, and now we're packing to head up the mountain and visit family, eat too much and swap pressies. Tomorrow we'll visit my mother and do the whole thing again.

Merry Christmas to you all. Take care of yourselves and enjoy your families.
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You'll relate with frightening ease to the Helsinki Complaints Choir. Listen for the ringtone ...

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Look what came in the mail! For my beta work on her SSHG_exchange fic Father Figure, [ profile] teddyradiator sent me a commemorative book and accompanying soundtrack. Thank you so much, Teddy! I can only imagine the huge amount of work that went into its making. I feel so privileged. Can't wait to re-read Father Figure with the songs that inspired it.
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So, like, that Christmas meme in the last journal entry, while fun, did not tell the entire story about my complicated feelings for Christmas. In fact, my attitude toward the season continues to evolve.

This year I asserted myself a little more than usual. For instance, when we put up all the household decorations last night, I held back a good third of them and quietly put them back in storage. Now the house, to me, feels enhanced by Christmas decorations, not burdened.

AND - I pointed it out to my groom, who told me he hadn't noticed the difference and doesn't mind. Score one point for my sanity, and award a point to my groom for keeping the peace.

Still, I couldn't hold back this little number, because I promised I would show it to you. See? You didn't believe me when I described the glory of its awfulness!
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Lifted from [ profile] droxy, [ profile] teddyradiator and the other cool kids. I am NOT a fan of Christmas, so get ready to be offended.

1. How many times have you ever drunk too much during the holidays? Include the number of times you've drunk so much you've thrown up:  Christmas holiday? Never, because we always visit relatives out of town, and the highway patrol still tends to frown on one driving while drunk. Now New Year's; that's another matter.I'm sure at least once. College was a learning experience!

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It's my first Christmas on LJ, but I'm already looking forward to spending it with all of you. I know that sounds sappy, but whatever. It's the middle of Thanksgiving break and everything has gone surprisingly well with my families so far. (I'm saying this before seeing my mother today, so perhaps I speak too soon.) I'm feeling unusually sentimental, so bear with me.

* If you are at all interested in breaking the cycle of big box consumerism, you'll enjoy [ profile] droxy's post featuring helpful hints on shopping locally and directly from crafters. I got a couple of fantastic ideas to start my shopping season. Thanks, Droxy.

* Then visit [ profile] majorjune for funny and pretty clipart. My seasonal icons are always requisitioned from her!

* Last but not least, I will make a small Christmas gift in the next few weeks, to be shared with you all. Watch this space!


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