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Thank you to my flisters [ profile] ely_baby and [ profile] toblass, who provided a translation to yesterday's post! Ely says, "Sailing on the bright lake," and Toby's connection reads it as "Floating in a clear lake in Taiwan."

Isn't that beautiful?

Flist readers coming through. I love it.
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This evening, I finally took a picture of the Chinese characters that appear on that tile piece I have been working on.

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I'm on a real Ladymage Samiko jag tonight. I'm especially enamoured of/with Snape & Sympathy. I love her short works, with their intelligent conversations and their older characters, and also the masterful way she has with the drabble format.

Every few days the song Through the Years wanders in the transom of my mind and gets stuck in here. Why, why? This is not the dentist's office! I mean, that's the only place I ever hear this song anymore. Maybe the malevolent ghost of Kenny Rogers has wandered within psychic range as he seeks a human host to inhabit. Wait, Kenny Rogers isn't dead, is he? Okay, then I don't know.


May. 30th, 2015 10:42 am
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As May draws to a close, I look at my calendar on the sidebar and see that I *very nearly* achieved the goal of posting Something Every Day. I'm pleased. From now on, my goal is to post on LJ at least twice a week. It's entertaining, and now I can see by the number of comments which types of things the flist responds to most, and I can explore those some more. Being a nearly-empty-nester, I need new hobbies.

Speaking of hobbies, here's where I am on that Chinese (Japanese?) (Asian) tile piece.Read more... )

Craft time

May. 27th, 2015 06:33 am
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Last winter, I bought this art piece at a thrift store. It consists of decorated tiles set in plywood with gold fabric glued down. I think the fabric is silk--it sure tears like silk. There is a plain frame, which I have removed for now. The whole thing looks like it used to hang in a Chinese restaurant.

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