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So, we said our good-byes to our dog Daisy last week. Cancer has taken another good soul. Now she's gone, and my husband, my daughter and I have been searching for all our best pics of her and passing them to each other on Facebook chat. A sort of three-person memorial service for the internet age.

When the other two dogs line up for Milk Bones, they leave the exact amount of space Daisy used to take. It'll be a while for that space to close up, I'll bet.

They are both terrier mutts with lovely, tiny brains, and occasionally they seem to wonder why it's just the two of them. Here's the weirdest example of their befuddlement. (Don't read this while eating.)

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My dog Daisy is doing really well on her new anti-inflammatory medication. It's designed to shrink the bladder tumor and let her get back to a more normal lifestyle, and so far, it's really helped. Her strength is back and she even seems to be putting on a little weight. She might even enjoy a trip to the dog park!

Now if only the weather would cooperate. I'm afraid we did not venture out much this past weekend; the temps in Northern California reached 100F. The next person that kvells about "sweater weather" will get a swift kick from me.

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Well, my poor dog Daisy has been diagnosed with cancer. She is 13. Sonograms and x-rays revealed a tumor in (near?) the bladder, as well as nodules in the chest.

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