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Please don't take offense - it's all i can think to call them. must be punchy.


today is the harry potter birthday party! i made these horcruxes out of thrift store finds.


what they lack in class, they'd make up for in good humor.

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That's how Warner Bros. is playing me.

Every day, every hour, there's a new promotional video, interview, blog post, or web announcement concerning Harry Potter and/or Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Previously, in a mood of blissful anticipation, I "liked" Mugglenet on Facebook, took to following it on Twitter, and even signed up for email updates. I enjoyed the periodic piece of news on the upcoming movie. But now, the updates come at me every half hour or more. I feel inundated by the blood-splattered promotional posters, and I have way more knowledge about how poor Emma Watson feels about her brief stint as a college student than I ever needed in order to survive in life.

It's nobody's fault. Birds gotta swim, fish gotta fly, movie studios gotta promote their flagship franchises until they die. But I'm just one human with one, somewhat squishy brain. So I'll be unplugging from the Deathly Hallows machine - not all the way, but most of the way - until July 15.

You know the most frustrating thing? With all my heart, I want to see Deathly Hallows with one of my fan fiction friends. But y'all live too far away! I'm looking at you, Ms. T. Radiator. You're about as far away as another American could get without falling in the ocean. I have to think of something we can do to connect from a distance on that day. Hmm.


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