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Here's the companion piece to my [ profile] dramionelove promptfest piece, The Second-best Single. In point of fact, I wrote this one first, but it didn't conform with one of the unbreakable rules of the fest--it wasn't written from either Draco's or Hermione's POV. Still, I had a lot of fun with it, so I'm going to share. Tell me what you think.

Title: The Singles Plan

Author/Artist: stgulik

Fic Word Count: ~1050

Rating: K (G)

Warnings (if any): None

Summary: (Son of) Single Father Seeks (Mostly) Kind Witch

Author's Notes: This is the companion piece to the “Second-best Single,” which was submitted to the 2016 Dramionelove Promptfest. All my love, always, to [ profile] teddyradiator for her encouragement, and thanks to [ profile] rzzmg for hosting [ profile] dramionelove on Livejournal.

Disclaimer: "Harry Potter" is the property of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. This work of fiction/art was created entirely for fun, not for profit, and no copyright infringement is intended.

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Well, promptfest reveals have finally posted at [ profile] dramionelove. There was some terrific work--art and fics. With some of them, it was hard to believe writers could pack so much of a wallop into the 1000-word max; I was blown away. Me? I was just happy to be there!

Here's the little fic I wrote for the fest. There's also a companion piece, which I will post next. Here we go!

Title: Second-best Single
Author/Artist: stgulik
Prompt #: #51 “Single father seeks kind witch”
Fic Word Count: 1000-ish
Rating: K
Warnings (if any): Fluff
Summary: Draco will find the witch of his dreams, even at the cost of his dignity.
Author's Notes: Hugs from afar to my lovely [ profile] teddyradiator for all her help and encouragement, and thanks to [ profile] rzzmg for hosting the [ profile] dramionelove minifest.
Disclaimer: "Harry Potter" is the property of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. This work of fiction/art was created entirely for fun, not for profit, and no copyright infringement is intended.
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Turned in my [ profile] dramionelove piece over the weekend. And the companion piece is sitting in Google Docs, patiently waiting for the fest to be over so I can share that one, too. [ profile] rzzmg is trying to tempt me with another prompt before the deadline, and I'll definitely pick one, but I'm also turning my attention to the [ profile] sshg_promptfest with its May 31 deadline.

Work is really going well--a statement I never thought I would make again. Yesterday, my paper was printed and bound and the first copy delivered to my office door. What a marvelous feeling! And it would never have happened with my old boss. In the past, he outright killed one of my projects and smothered another one with weekly "updates" that turned into patronizing lectures on microeconomics. The paper was delayed so long, the client withdrew their request for the study. I'm not saying I was blameless in this mess. I'm not the world's best analyst. But he's the one who promised the deliverable and then frittered away a year playing academic lecturer to a captive audience instead of supporting me as I tried to move the project along. Not that I'm bitter.

But he's elsewhere now, and the bottleneck is unstoppered, and our papers are actually allowed to be finished again. And suddenly, I actually have a full week's worth of work these days! I've been busy and happy about it. Yesterday I even forgot to feed my Neko Atsume kitties; by the time I remembered them, they had wandered off to [ profile] toblass's yard.
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Over the weekend, I got inspired and wrote my little 1k-word [ profile] dramionelove promptfest piece in one sitting. But when I went to check the submission terms again, it seems I forgot an important point: the story must be written from either Draco's or Hermione's POV. My story is written in the POV of a third character. Rookie move! Hell's bells! HOW many fests have I written for?

Anyway, I'm still really excited about the thing I wrote. I'll probably do the same story line for the fest, but tell it from Draco's perspective. When the fest is over, I can put up both stories as companion pieces.

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Boy, the more I hear from friends and acquaintances on the internet, the more I think I must be part of the minority, because Daylight Savings has absolutely no ill effects on me. Never has. I have no idea what everyone else feels, or why it's always so hard on them. And I'm grateful! It sounds horrid.

It was a quiet weekend. Worked a little on our future guest bedroom. There are now four big boxes, filled and taped up. I borrowed a handcart from our next-door neighbor, and once the rain lets up, we'll transfer the boxes to the garage. Little by little, the job gets done. You may wonder why I don't make our daughter help with more of this project. The first reason is, she's tremendously busy with work and school; it's difficult to get her to schedule any time here. And the second reason is, she created this mess, but she's pretty useless about reversing the process. I mean, she's brilliant; she'll go far; I admire her in many ways. But whenever I put her to work on this room, she either gets depressed and can't part with things, or nostalgic and can't part with things. Progress is slow, to say the least.

And this is no job for Groom because his knees are so terrible, he could get down on the floor, but there's no guarantee he would stand up again. Please know that in the grand scheme of things, he does his share around the house, so I'm cool.

In fanfic news, I submitted prompts to the [ profile] sshg_promptfest and put in a request for Draco/Hermione prompts on [ profile] dramionelove. In case I didn't mention, the Dramionelove entries must be 1,000 words max, which works well for us commitmentphobes. Quite nice. Check it out!
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Once again, the neverending paper, the one I've been working on for months, is done. On Friday afternoon we emailed it out to the client, and we invited her to let us know about any factual errors. My boss says she won't honor any requests for the addition of whole topics, though. The paper already has 40 pages and about 125 endnotes. If the client wants more on the subject, she can ask for a separate piece. I've covered everything in the original request, and frankly, my colleagues and I are collectively tired of the topic. :-)

My boss promised my next assignment will be on a more fun topic. How to get her to agree to let me write fanfiction ...?
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Signal boost!


Prompting: 25 February - 12 March
Sign-ups/Prompt Claiming: 13 March (first come, first-served ; open until 1 May)
Submissions Due: 5 May
Posting begins: 9 May

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The 2015 [ profile] interhouse_fest came to a close today! Reveals were posted this morning. Now I get to claim the piece I wrote: One Night at the Long Wand. It is a Draco/Neville comedy, rated PG because I don't know how to write human beings relating in a carnal way. Still, I try to up for it with crazy situations, creepy adversaries and snappy dialogue. Please check it out.

Next week I'll post it on AO3 and ffn, after I go through it with a fine-toothed comb. You know, I couldn't remember whether Draco's eyes are blue or grey in canon. Did JKR ever specify?

I forgot to mention another piece I wrote recently. On [ profile] grangersnape100, the weekly prompt was "Parodies," so I wrote a drabble, a Star Warsparody I called Harry Potter and the New Hope. I'm pretty proud of it, so please take a look.

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The HP Interhouse Promptfest has begun! Prompts are open for claiming until September 7. And people, there are well over 300 prompts to choose from. Seriously. Go and have a look. I didn't contribute any prompts, but lots of them look intriguing. I'm not sure how I'll pick a favorite!
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Home again! And just in time for a terrible heat wave. Temperatures here in the valley are in the hundreds (Fahrenheit). It was 106 yesterday. Today is only supposed to reach 103, which has everyone joking that we'll need to take along sweaters.

During the drive to Tahoe, with my daughter at the wheel, I was reading mail on my phone. I read out loud a very nice comment I'd just received for one of my stories, Hyperbole. She expressed some polite interest, which led to my giving her a little background on the story. To my surprise, she really wanted to hear the whole thing, so I spun an entire synopsis. And she really liked it, or at least my telling of it. However, she did disapprove of Hermione Granger winding up with anyone but Ron Weasley. She's a diehard canon fan, and in the end, can't understand why we'd pair Hermione with anyone else. We mutually agreed she shouldn't trouble herself with fanfiction at this point in life. 
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Drabble title: The Sly Puss
Author: stgulik
Cross-posted at [ profile] grangersnape100 for this week's challenge, "Lost Cat."
Word count: 100 x 2
Rating: G
Characters: Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, Argus Filch, ???


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I'm so excited! The talented [ profile] semperfiona has produced a podfic out of one of my stories.

The Angel Investor
Story here

Podfic here

Go now and have a listen, and be sure and give Semperfiona kudos for her good work. She's also done podfics for other fandoms, which you might want to check out.
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One thing I have never had the nerve to do is confide to my extended family about my love of fanfic. But all that changed yesterday at my mother's birthday party, and the results were absolutely not what I expected.

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I know I'm late mentioning this, but [ profile] severus_fest is over and has posted its reveals. If you haven't checked out this amazing compilation of Snape-based fiction and art, you owe it to yourself. Many of them are not ship-based; some are nice gen pieces about Severus and the mischievious Hogwarts faculty, or Severus matching wits (and failing) with his own mother. An excellent variety of stories this year, all told.

My own contribution to the fest was a fiction called "WIB." Last fall, I chose a prompt that really spoke to me for its comedy potential: Lucius and Severus in the roles of Agents K and J in the movie "Men in Black." Here's the picture that inspired the prompt. Usually, I am leery of crossover stories, but I hope you can see why I had to have it!

So then, I wrote it over the course of the fall and into the Christmas season. Unfortunately, every Christmas, I turn into a raging madwoman. (I really have major issues with Christmas.) Due to a looming deadling and scorching Christmas madness, I really had to rush the ending. Consequently, I feel I did not give the last chapter its proper due.

But the happy nature of fanfic is, now I get to go back and make any changes I want, and flesh out the ending to make it more satisfying and comic-book-heroic. So I have been revising furiously and posting the updated chapters on and archiveofourown lately. The rest of the story will go up during the course of the week. I hope you check it out.

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My GS100 drabble, "A Revelation Beyond Words," has been nominated in the SSHG Fan Fic Awards in the "Best Drama" category. I want to say I'm really touched that someone liked it enough to remember it when it came time to have fanfics stand and be counted.

Technically, it's a drabble ficlet, yet it's been nominated in the same category as more fully-formed stories. I pointed this out to the mods, but they say they are aware of this.

I didn't mention this when I posted the drabble, but I wrote this drabble after watching "My Fair Lady," because I always wanted the musical to end the way I ended my story. Henry Higgins realizes he is about to lose Eliza to a marriage of convenience, and he jumps up and rushes, nearly too late, to confess how much he really needs her. Instead, we end the movie with a self-satisfied Higgins who has gotten everything he wants, at no cost to himself and at great cost to others. He never has to verbalize his feelings or give the girl any validation. Can you imagine? No, you probably can't; I am probably the only one who wanted to knock Henry Higgins on the head with one of his own books. Anyway, the drabble was my version of a more stgulik-approved ending to "My Fair Lady." Let the record show. :-)

WIP meme

Jan. 23rd, 2015 10:57 am
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Meme via [ profile] akatnamedeaster: When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

I like the idea of digging through some old Harry Potter fanfic projects to see if any are worth pursuing in 2015. Your thoughts are welcome! Sorry I shared way more than one line. Also sorry if the fonts are wonky; as it happens, they were all saved in different programs. The fonts are not wonky. Thanks, LJ!
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Artwork by the lovely and talented Makani.
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Friday before last, I woke up with such a terrible sense of vertigo that I could hardly trust my feet to do their job of keeping me upright.You can't call it insomnia if you're not even trying to sleep. )

On the fanfic front, I got a kick out of reading about ten famous authors who write fanfic. It seems the trend goes well beyond that 50 Shades woman. I'm glad Scalzi finally owned up to certain realities after Fuzzy Nation came out. Hey John, "re-booting" another author's work is called fan fiction, my friend! Just because your publisher managed to secure permission doesn't change that fact. And then there's good old Orson Scott Card. I didn't think I could personally dislike him more than I do, but the man is a veritable wellspring of asshattery.
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Good evening. I hope you're enjoying your respective selves! Me, it's payday, so everybody got treated to retail-priced dinner to go from Panda Express. Their orange chicken is like crack. But they need more vegetarian entrees. Not everybody likes eggplant ...

Last Sunday, I talked on Skype for the first time. I know, right? I must be the last one in the western world. All in all, it rocks, though it occasionally froze for no discernible reason. Still, I talked for an hour to a guy from the BBC in London, and then to my dear [ profile] teddyradiator on the East Coast, all on the internet's dime, and you can't beat that.

Let me tell you about the guy from the BBC.Read more... )
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Why is the human mind so contrary? When I signed up for the [ profile] sshg_promptfest, I asked for a first-choice and second-choice prompt. Later that day, something opened up in me and I quickly knocked out a fairly competent draft of my second-choice prompt. Now I've been assigned a prompt, and it's the prompt I put down as my first choice .............. aaaaand I'm blocked. Believe me, I'm stoked at the prompt. It's a great prompt! But I'm blocked. I don't know where to start.

Anyone want to chat? I can actually discuss it offline with anyone who's not the promptor, so hey.


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