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This has been going around the journals, so I thought I'd take a crack at it. Prepare to be edified!

First TV show I had self-insertion fantasies about:
Hey, you young people? Just skip to the next question. Thanks! ...Are they gone? Okay. The rest of you, take your mind back, back, back ...
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Lifted from [ profile] droxy, [ profile] teddyradiator and the other cool kids. I am NOT a fan of Christmas, so get ready to be offended.

1. How many times have you ever drunk too much during the holidays? Include the number of times you've drunk so much you've thrown up:  Christmas holiday? Never, because we always visit relatives out of town, and the highway patrol still tends to frown on one driving while drunk. Now New Year's; that's another matter.I'm sure at least once. College was a learning experience!

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Taking up my friend Teddy Radiator's latest meme, I asked her to come up with five questions for me to answer about myself. They were tougher than I thought they'd be!

1. Why SS/HG? What is it about Snape that appeals to you?

Well, even in the books, Snape was to me the most complex and enigmatic character JKR fashioned. As we learn about him, he gradually morphs from a bad-tempered yet grudgingly dedicated educator (Sorcerer's Stone), to a man whose youth was marred by torture at the hands of bullies (POA), to a dark, inscrutible spy (OotP) and cold-blooded murderer (HBP). Yet in the end his true nature redeems him. There's so much to Severus Snape, and I'm constantly amazed and impressed by the depths you writers are able to plumb to fashion him into a worthy character, time and time again.

2. You - earth, air, sky, water - which one and why?

Air, because I am constantly dreaming about flying. In my dreams, I am on the verge of figuring out the knack to flight, I'm sure of it.

Once I was a teacher's aide in a first grade class. We were on a field trip, and to pass the time while walking from place to place, I told the group that we live on the bottom of a big, big sea of air. I even got them to swim down the sidewalk in a long line, our arms flapping as we walked. It was awesome.

3. What do you like the most about your spouse?

Wow, just one thing? I guess I'd have to say it's how dedicated he is to being in the here and now. Everything he undertakes - his job, his family, his music - he puts his whole energy into; there's not a cynical bone in his body. 

4. What would you like to be your significant impact before you leave this earth?

I would like to affect positive change in the particular area of public policy where I work in my state. To make a long story short, I'm working with a team that's getting ready to suggest ways to connect people with certain services that are funded, but hard to get plugged into due to bureaucracy. If our changes are good enough and can be implemented, it would help a lot of people.

5. Other than fanfiction, who is your favourite author and why?  

It's a toss-up between John Steinbeck and Neil Gaiman. Steinbeck for his stunning ability to make the ordinary come to life, and Gaiman for his humor and all-around creativity.

Now I guess it's time for me to pay it forward! If you would like me to ask you five questions, leave a comment ...


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