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but I never wave bye-bye.

So many people are sharing the David Bowie video that defines the reasons for their love and admiration. Here's mine. The yellow hair, the yellow suit, the nasty sax break, the dancing, the odd yet catchy lyrics. Mm.

See you later, Mr. Bowie.
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I just found on reddit. The fact David Thewlis used to be in a band has made my day. (Okay, okay, I'm kidding. Still, looks just like him.)

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It's become tradition to make my brother a mix CD for his birthday. He wants CDs for his car. He's not the kind of guy who's comfortable with the more modern music streaming options - if disks were good enough in the 1990s, they're good enough now.

Also, he's not keen on music from this decade. So all the tunes he requested come from the 80s and 90s as well.

Major nostalgia rush! Like, totally!

Does anybody remember this one? My friend Eileen and I were mad for Sting back when his solo career took off. That chisled jaw. Mmm.

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Still having fun with the Infinite Looper website I mentioned last time. Tonight I put Chad Vangaalen's "Echo Train" on a loop. This song is already well-suited to being looped because the end is just like the beginning.

But don't watch the video. It's disturbing.

I have Thursday off, which is unusual. Will delve into Chapter 19 of Her Minder, [ profile] teddyradiator's o-fic in the morning, take my father in-law to the doctor in the afternoon, then chauffeur my daughter and a couple of other string players to a gig at the Hyatt.

Tonight, we're finally watching "The Hobbit." Remember? A few months ago, we went to the midnight show of same, only to fall asleep and miss everything except Riddles in the Dark and most of the scenes featuring the hunky Thorin Oakenshield.


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