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Jun. 13th, 2015 11:44 am
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My brother-in-law's memorial service yesterday was as low-key and nonreligious as possible: friends and family gathered at an ampitheatre on a college campus. We wore summer casual and grouped together on the shady side to protect from the heat. Then everyone took turns sharing stories from his life. We sang Amazing Grace to start and The Parting Glass to close. A heartfelt service made more beautiful by natural surroundings.

Next on our plate is a weeklong visit from my relatives. My mother is trying to guilt me into putting them all up at my house on their first night, but honestly, they'd be miserable. There would be eight of them in this little place. Where would they sleep, the bathtub? Besides, they will only be in my town for one night. They'll be based at my mom's house and my brother's apartment for the rest of the time, presumably sleeping in their bathtubs.

In fact, my mom texted yesterday and asked if I could provide the guests with towels and as many sleeping bags as possible. Is this the first time it occurred to them these things would be a good idea? Families, man.

Today: grocery shopping and house cleaning. Also, I'd better check the condition of our sleeping bags. Tomorrow, the carpets need a very deep cleaning.
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My father in-law, Buddy, passed away last Monday. He was 90, and had been living in hospice for the last six or seven weeks.

You know how your life seems predictable and routine for weeks and weeks, and then one week, All The Things happen? That was - or rather is - our week.

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