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A family reunion should be somewhere glamourous and exotic. So why did we agree to downtown Santa Rosa, California?


I can't even. Good thing my family is so awesome, we bring the party wherever we go.

In other news, Red 2 was a lot of fun. It started out slow, but they seemed to have been establishing interpersonal relationships, which I can't really fault them for. The pace picks up about the time David Thewlis makes his appearance. I don't want to risk a spoiler, but when somebody kissed him, I about came up out of my seat. That's MY Dear Remus, you bitch!
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It's a weekend of travel, I think. Yesterday, we went to my mom's for her 75th birthday. What do you get a woman who has everything she needs and doesn't want anything? She solved that dilemma: she asked for yard work. So my brother and his son came around and the bunch of us planted her garden, mowed and edged, trimmed a few small trees and even power-washed the patio.

Then we rewarded ourselves with chicken, potato salad and birthday cake. No, I take that back. Cake before chores. That's what makes us happiest.

I asked everybody, "Cake or death?" and nobody got it.

My daughter has been on spring break this week but has been cooped up in town with nobody to be with except all her friends and her boyfriend. Poor thing! To help make up for the tragedy of life in the suburbs, it looks like I'm taking her on a road trip today. We're not religious people, thank God, (snerk) - okay, you didn't deserve that. Let me try again.

We're not religious people, so there'll be no mucking about with the Easter thing today. When my daughter was young, we hid Easter eggs and gave her a basket to put them in, but didn't equate it with anything Christian. Nowadays, if she gets a chocolate bunny, we're done. So off we go. Hoping the roads are fairly clear, what with everybody else eating ham or rolling away stones or what have you.
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Happy Thanksgiving! I'd sincerely like to share a couple of autumn pictures I took recently, but lj is being pig-headed, stubborn and just plain difficult for a change fnord.

On Thursday, the Groom and I are driving to Humboldt to visit his sister and her family. As always, we're looking forward to the road trip almost as much as spending time with wonderful family. It's like a 12-hour round trip. What the hell is wrong with us?

What I am most thankful for, in no particular order:
  • Teddy
  • Hawaii
  • Friends who took my girl to Hawaii over Thanksgiving break
  • My girl (of course)
  • My intrepid groom
  • A car that can handle a 12-hour road trip
  • Family
  • Friends
  • My lovely job
  • Dogs that hardly ever urp in the car during road trips
  • The internet
  • GPS
  • Wine
  • Traditional Thanksgiving featuring non-traditional food
  • And every freakin' last one of you. Take care, drive safely, don't eat too much, and shop strategically.


Oct. 9th, 2012 10:42 pm
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Rockaway Beach
From the mountains to the ocean in a week!
Mini break stuff )
And now, back to work...
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Donner Lake

Here's Donner Lake, where I forced myself to lounge around for two days last weekend. Such a shame about the view!

And this weekend, I get to do some more premeditated lounging - this time at the ocean. The Groom requested a getaway mini break for his birthday. I booked a place north of Santa Cruz sight unseen, on the strength of a recommendation. But from the description, it sounds like an upscale camping experience. We'll see! If I don't report back, assume we ran into a Deliverance situation and call the rangers.

Mini break

Sep. 29th, 2012 01:42 pm
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Americans, we need to adopt the term "mini break" from the Brits. Please see to it while I'm at Donner Lake this weekend (!!!)

Eight teens, two cars, two moms, one nauseous puppy, and a cabin where I get the master bedroom! And not with the puppy! Things work out sometimes.

I'm lying on the couch texting y'all* while recovering from the drive. The kids have walked down to the lake. The other mom is possibly napping and giving the poor puppy a chance to sleep. What's to read around here?...

*Brits, in exchange for mini break, we are prepared to lease you the word y'all. Highly useful word. Colorful and energetic. Think about it.


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