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It's 9:20 and I'm holed up in the Room of Doom.

My husband and I were watching West Wing earlier this evening when my daughter strolled through and casually mentioned:

a) she can't access Netflix on the TV in the family room, she hasn't been able to get on wifi for two days, and everything's running on the pricey 4G from about here ::gestures:: to the other end of the house,


b) she downloaded Windows 10 on her laptop last night and something's not quite working.

Both these things put my husband in an absolute tizzy. The wireless is borked AND someone had the audacity to download Windows 10 without his royal permission? I swear, he wouldn't have gotten this upset if she'd announced she was pregnant.

I decided it might be a nice night to vacate the common rooms and catch up on Tumblr. When I last saw them, my husband had set up my daughter's computer while she was watching a TV show on DVD, like in Pilgrim times.

Here in the Room of Doom, where the wifi works perfectly well for whatever reason, I just watched home videos of the Sense8 cast at a table reading. That means we are one step closer to a Season 2! omg omg omg I hastened to follow all the Sense8 cast members with Instagram accounts, because Season 2. 
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  • I'm on a holy mission to remove all memes and motivational posters from my personal Facebook feed. All I want to see on Facebook are my friends' own personal pictures, stories, and opinions on the day's news. I never noticed until now, how many American radio stations have FB accounts. I've probably clicked "Hide all from _____" a thousand times--and it has made a difference, truly!--but still they come, a never-ending avalanche of minions and Ram Dass quotes.

  • Meanwhile, on Tumblr, not only is my feed filled with memes, I subscribe to people who create them. I actively reblog them. That might make me kind of a hypocrite, or it might mean I want what I want, where I want it.

  • The rumor is, Netflix will announce the renewal of their series Sense8 on Saturday, August 8 (which is a significant date for the show's characters, not to get too spoilery). And speaking of Tumblr, I'm here to say if they don't renew this series, I predict Tumblr fangurls will have an absolute meltdown, me included.

  • So, my lawn is dead. Dead, dead, dead. Dead as folk music, as they used to say before Fleet Foxes Iron and Wine turned up. It's unbelievably depressing to look at--and of course, we look at it multiple times a day. What should be done with this expanse of dirt and yellow grass?

  • Groom and I are hosting the book club this Saturday. Last I heard, 18 people had committed to attending. Our little living room will be crammed to the limit. Why hasn't anyone invented bunk couches? You could stack two couches and seat twice as many people along one wall. Someone invent this, please! And send it to me before Saturday.


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