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The St. Gulik household is a little schizo when it comes to the Twilight series. My daughter was about 12 when she got into the books. She insisted her dad and I read them, too. I disliked the writing style a great deal, but I gritted my teeth and got through them because I'd heard the books had s-e-x in them, and while I never censor my kid's reading materials, I do like to know basically what's going into her head. 

When Twilight the movie came out, it was a BIG DEAL to her and all her friends. A bunch of kids and parents caravanned to the first movie. We took over a huge swath of the theatre with our crowd. Same happened later at the second movie.

But the third movie (the name escapes me) was a low-key affair - just a couple of moms and a few close girlfriends.

Now the last one, Breaking Dawn (part one) is coming out this month. But my kid's friends are around 14 - 15 now, and all claim to be too cool for Twilight. Nobody would be caught dead.

"Does that mean we won't be seeing it?" I asked.

"Well, I sort of wanna see it," she replied, "but I don't want my friends to see me seeing it."

"How will your friends see you seeing it, unless they're seeing it themselves?"

"They just will." It would be a huge risk to venture anywhere near our local theatre on that weekend, just in case.

I think where we left the matter is, I agreed to take her to see Breaking Dawn, without her friends, at a remote theatre where nobody knows us. There may or may not be disguises involved. I will keep you posted.


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