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When it comes to memes, I always do what [ profile] teddyradiator asks! So here are my answers to today's meme.

hermione granger or ronald weasley

➵ avada kedavra or expelliarmus

elder wand, resurrection stone, or invisibility cloak (I could keep it secret all my life)

ravenclaw, slytherin, hufflepuff, or griffindor

➵ dumbledore’s army or the order of the phoenix

➵ the first or the last harry potter film

➵ diagon alley or hogsmeade (more opportunities for drinking)

➵ yule ball or bill and fleur’s wedding (see above)

house cup or the triwizard tournament (don't get me started on how patently unfair the triwizard tournament was)

➵ potions or defence against the dark arts

dragons or house-elves (carpe diem!)

➵ the seven horcrux or the three deathly hallows

➵ quidditch or hogwarts express

polyjuice potion, patronus charm, or unforgivable curses (the better to utilize the Elder Wand)

death eaters or dementors

➵ godric gryffindor, helga hufflepuff, rowena ravenclaw, or salazar slytherin

order of the phoenix or goblet of fire

➵ minerva mcgonagall or albus dumbledore (don't judge)

➵ bellatrix lestrange or narcissa malfoy

➵ ron/hermione or harry/ginny (neither!)

➵ thestral or hippogriff

sirius black’s motorbike or the ford anglia (oh hell yeah)

➵ godric’s hollow or the burrow

neville longbottom or harry potter

james and lily or snape and lily (Snape deserved better)

➵ the golden trio or the silver trio (neither! good lord)

remus lupin or sirius black (My Dear Lupin)

severus snape or draco malfoy

➵ the malfoys or the weasleys

➵ love potions or the time turner

➵ the tale of the three brothers, harry potter and the cursed child, or fantastic beasts and where to find them (so I can tame dragons)

 If you haven't played yet, I want to hear from you!
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