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So I decided to take the day off yesterday for my birthday. It was a nice, peaceful day, spent reading, writing a little fanfic, watching a movie, and going out to lunch with my daughter.

I'm enrolled in the Dramionelove fest again this year. I have an outline, but inspiration hasn't struck yet ... Time to kick myself into high gear so I can make the deadline.
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Happy New Year! Just in case Livejournal's server moves to Russia, becomes sentient and threatens to delete my curated collection of M/M/F Harry Potter fanfic, you should know I have this backup account on Dreamwidth.

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Just in case Livejournal's server moves to Russia, becomes sentient and threatens to delete my curated collection of M/M/F Harry Potter fanfic, I have this backup account on Dreamwidth.

счастливого Нового года!
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So, we said our good-byes to our dog Daisy last week. Cancer has taken another good soul. Now she's gone, and my husband, my daughter and I have been searching for all our best pics of her and passing them to each other on Facebook chat. A sort of three-person memorial service for the internet age.

When the other two dogs line up for Milk Bones, they leave the exact amount of space Daisy used to take. It'll be a while for that space to close up, I'll bet.

They are both terrier mutts with lovely, tiny brains, and occasionally they seem to wonder why it's just the two of them. Here's the weirdest example of their befuddlement. (Don't read this while eating.)

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My dog Daisy is doing really well on her new anti-inflammatory medication. It's designed to shrink the bladder tumor and let her get back to a more normal lifestyle, and so far, it's really helped. Her strength is back and she even seems to be putting on a little weight. She might even enjoy a trip to the dog park!

Now if only the weather would cooperate. I'm afraid we did not venture out much this past weekend; the temps in Northern California reached 100F. The next person that kvells about "sweater weather" will get a swift kick from me.

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Well, my poor dog Daisy has been diagnosed with cancer. She is 13. Sonograms and x-rays revealed a tumor in (near?) the bladder, as well as nodules in the chest.

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When it comes to memes, I always do what [ profile] teddyradiator asks! So here are my answers to today's meme.

hermione granger or ronald weasley

➵ avada kedavra or expelliarmus

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 If you haven't played yet, I want to hear from you!
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Playing around with the new Stranger Things title generator while listening to the original cast recording of Cabaret on YouTube. And by original, I mean the 1966 version, thank you very much. Liza Minelli did credit to the show later on, I suppose, but I loved the original cast the very most. When I was a toddler, I used to dance around the house and sing all of Sally Bowles' numbers. They thought I didn't understand all of her double-entendres, but I did. Even way back then, I had a head for sin.

Tonight we bought my daughter a car. It's the first car I've ever bought that I don't actually get to drive! That is a very weird feeling.

Exhausted. Car paperwork always takes so long. Let's go see what's on Netflix.
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Greetings from Central California, where we are in our nth straight summer of drought conditions. We're thinking of changing our state bird to the vulture. We're thinking of changing our state tree to the cactus. We're thinking of changing our state fish to a box of Mrs. Paul's breaded fish sticks (packaged in Vermont). You get the picture.

But it's not all bad around here. I've heard from some lovely friends this summer!
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To my dearest [ profile] teddyradiator Have a marvelous day!

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I saw this everywhere this morning. Now that [ profile] teddyradiator has tagged me, I'll go ahead and give it a whirl.

Begin the next answer with the last letter of the previous answer.

01) Name: stgulik
02) Animal: kangaroo
03) Girl's name: Olono
04) Color: orange
05) Movie: Eight Days a Week
06) Something you wear: Keds
07) Drink: sidecar
08) Food: raisin bread
09) Item in the bathroom: deodorant
10) Place: Turlock
11) Reason to be late: killed a spider, chased by its children

Almost everyone I know has already played today. So if you want to play and you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!
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Here's the companion piece to my [ profile] dramionelove promptfest piece, The Second-best Single. In point of fact, I wrote this one first, but it didn't conform with one of the unbreakable rules of the fest--it wasn't written from either Draco's or Hermione's POV. Still, I had a lot of fun with it, so I'm going to share. Tell me what you think.

Title: The Singles Plan

Author/Artist: stgulik

Fic Word Count: ~1050

Rating: K (G)

Warnings (if any): None

Summary: (Son of) Single Father Seeks (Mostly) Kind Witch

Author's Notes: This is the companion piece to the “Second-best Single,” which was submitted to the 2016 Dramionelove Promptfest. All my love, always, to [ profile] teddyradiator for her encouragement, and thanks to [ profile] rzzmg for hosting [ profile] dramionelove on Livejournal.

Disclaimer: "Harry Potter" is the property of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. This work of fiction/art was created entirely for fun, not for profit, and no copyright infringement is intended.

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Well, promptfest reveals have finally posted at [ profile] dramionelove. There was some terrific work--art and fics. With some of them, it was hard to believe writers could pack so much of a wallop into the 1000-word max; I was blown away. Me? I was just happy to be there!

Here's the little fic I wrote for the fest. There's also a companion piece, which I will post next. Here we go!

Title: Second-best Single
Author/Artist: stgulik
Prompt #: #51 “Single father seeks kind witch”
Fic Word Count: 1000-ish
Rating: K
Warnings (if any): Fluff
Summary: Draco will find the witch of his dreams, even at the cost of his dignity.
Author's Notes: Hugs from afar to my lovely [ profile] teddyradiator for all her help and encouragement, and thanks to [ profile] rzzmg for hosting the [ profile] dramionelove minifest.
Disclaimer: "Harry Potter" is the property of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. This work of fiction/art was created entirely for fun, not for profit, and no copyright infringement is intended.
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My new office neighbor likes to listen to music at his desk. I like it utterly quiet. Now, I already decided on the first day not to say anything to him, because a) he actually keeps it really quiet by anybody else's standards, and b) I have my own office door and I don't mind closing it.

But today, he's listening to the soundtrack to "Rent." And I'm torn! Do I shut my door and concentrate, or do I listen and risk singing along?
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Thank you [ profile] theimpossiblegl and [ profile] teddyradiator for tagging me. I've enjoyed everybody's answers. Here's what I'm thinking ...

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Two memes

May. 10th, 2016 07:49 am
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[ profile] smallbrownfrog tagged me for a neat meme. Let's do this!

HP meme
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Writing meme
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Tagging [ profile] toblass, [ profile] mywitch (substitute "draw" for "write" if you like!) and [ profile] bonsaibetz
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[ profile] dramionelove promptfest has begun posting! And today's two entries are real corkers. Be sure and check it out. Each entry has a limit of 1,000 words, so you have plenty of time to dive right in.
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It doesn't quite make up for it, but I'll give her points for trying.
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Turned in my [ profile] dramionelove piece over the weekend. And the companion piece is sitting in Google Docs, patiently waiting for the fest to be over so I can share that one, too. [ profile] rzzmg is trying to tempt me with another prompt before the deadline, and I'll definitely pick one, but I'm also turning my attention to the [ profile] sshg_promptfest with its May 31 deadline.

Work is really going well--a statement I never thought I would make again. Yesterday, my paper was printed and bound and the first copy delivered to my office door. What a marvelous feeling! And it would never have happened with my old boss. In the past, he outright killed one of my projects and smothered another one with weekly "updates" that turned into patronizing lectures on microeconomics. The paper was delayed so long, the client withdrew their request for the study. I'm not saying I was blameless in this mess. I'm not the world's best analyst. But he's the one who promised the deliverable and then frittered away a year playing academic lecturer to a captive audience instead of supporting me as I tried to move the project along. Not that I'm bitter.

But he's elsewhere now, and the bottleneck is unstoppered, and our papers are actually allowed to be finished again. And suddenly, I actually have a full week's worth of work these days! I've been busy and happy about it. Yesterday I even forgot to feed my Neko Atsume kitties; by the time I remembered them, they had wandered off to [ profile] toblass's yard.
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Over the weekend, I got inspired and wrote my little 1k-word [ profile] dramionelove promptfest piece in one sitting. But when I went to check the submission terms again, it seems I forgot an important point: the story must be written from either Draco's or Hermione's POV. My story is written in the POV of a third character. Rookie move! Hell's bells! HOW many fests have I written for?

Anyway, I'm still really excited about the thing I wrote. I'll probably do the same story line for the fest, but tell it from Draco's perspective. When the fest is over, I can put up both stories as companion pieces.

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