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For Mother's Day, my little family went out for Vietnamese at one of my daughter's favorite restaurants. When you're related to me, there'll be no elbowing through the crush of noisy families at Olive Garden, thank you. Too many restaurants on God's green earth for that particular torture. The place was called "Pho Hoc." The wait staff all wore t-shirts that took full advantage of puns on Pho. One kid's said "Pho King," another's said "What the Pho?" Now we know why my daughter got such a kick out of the place.

I ordered something called double mushroom tofu, which was really good, and a green tea milk drink, which is obviously an acquired taste. Groom, the only meat-eater amongst us, enjoyed pork, as well as an avocado milkshake, which sounded like unfortunate typo but actually worked.

Called my own mother and had a nice chat, and I promised to go see her next weekend. This year I have this whole mental list of the big and little projects to be done around her place. Next weekend is the car--we recently learned she hasn't had taken it out of the garage for over six months. (Well, we said "How long has it been? Six months??" and she shrugged noncommitally, so it might well have been longer.) It seems her IHSS helper squires her about. Lovely. The car will need a battery jump, fluid and brake inspection, tire massages, and I don't know what all. We'll see. This is how we adult kids say thank you to our mothers, you know: we educate them about ethnic food and run checkups on their cars.

Finally watched Season 3 of Sherlock tonight. So many in-jokes and gifs are now explained! Now I know the reason for this t-shirt.

Hey, we secured a vacation cabin today! And the crowd goes wild!


Sep. 13th, 2013 10:12 am
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Took my girl to high school this morning, and we had the following conversation, which served to underscore, once again, how annoying mothers can be.

Girl: So, I'm asking Mario to Homecoming today. I brought the Pokemon ball I bought him.

Me: Oh, yes, that's right. You're going to give him the Pokamon ball --

Girl: PokEmon.

Me: -- the PokEmon ball, with a note inside that says please go to Homecoming with me.

Girl: No - not a note. You don't understand about Pokemon.

Me: Yes, I do. I know the ball opens, and there's a Pokamon inside, and --

Girl: PokEmon.

Me: -- there's a PokEmon inside, so it's like a little gift when you play video games.

Girl: No, Mom.

Me: And that's why you're giving --

Girl: No, it's more like ... see ... ugh!

Me: -- that's why you're giving him a Pokamon ball with a note inside.

Girl: Not a note! And it's PokEmon. PokEmon!

Me: Exactly! PokEmon! I told you I get it.

Luckily, the car was stopped when she jumped out. I never did find out what's the deal with giving the boy a Pokamon ball.


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