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After I went to bed, I remembered I had not yet posted Friday's daily delight. I tried do it using the LJ app on my smart phone, but it was a fail. I think we each failed in our own way. (Why didn't the text word-wrap? Why couldn't I write in paragraphs, why?)

Anyway, I'll share with you yesterday's delight. After a day of slogging through my Stupid Policy Paper, it was 4:50 and I was more than ready to go home. Normally, I ride the commuter train to work, but my husband drove in, so I was going to meet him at the car. He texted me when he was downstairs. I logged off, packed up my papers, got my coat, turned off the light ... and then the phone rang. I almost didn't pick it up, but I had placed so many phone calls, begging for information on the subject of this policy, I couldn't afford to let anyone go unanswered. (Yeah, there's the necessary evil of voice mail, but ugh.)

So I picked up. And the person on the other end was a district attorney from a remote county, who prosecutes fraud cases having to do with the policy issue at the heart of my stupid paper. I listened ... then I grabbed pen and paper ... then I sat down and furiously scribbled notes. I didn't even bother to turn the light back on. She has scads of information that will really help me explain the controversy at the heart of the policy I am writing about. And to think I almost missed her call!

I was so happy to have this, I broke my cardinal rule in life and I gave her my personal number so she can call me on Saturday morning. That's how delightful this daily delight turned out to be. 
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