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Have I mentioned December is a Time For Concerts? It's been this way all my life, from the time my father conducted high school band. Then I grew up and married an aspiring opera singer, and begat an aspiring composer. End-of-the year concerts are our way of life.

On concert days, this is my usual dinner menu. It contains no dairy (which clogs a singer's throat), a lot of protein, vitamins, and just enough carbs to kick-start the evening.

Appetizer: Orange juice
Dinner: Spaghetti marinara
             Baked chicken
             Salad with italian dressing -OR- steamed broccoli
Dessert (optional): Sorbet, black coffee

For the vegetarian who doesn't happen to have to worry about her singing voice, I sprinkle cheese on the marinara and include fried tofu in the broccoli.

Anyway, I digress! Last night's delight was the annual Christmas concert, put on by our city orchestra and choir. The place was jam-packed with families wearing red sweaters. I chatted with one of Santa's well-meaning helpers--which, as you know, are easily recognized by their false beards.

I can't say I strictly enjoyed all the music. I think the choir director is trying to keep from getting bored with the usual fare by finding brand-new composers who spruce up carols with witty embellishments until the poor simple carols wind up losing their way to their own finales. His choices are starting to get too clever for the average ear. I must make a note to write to him; I'm sure he'll be delighted to take concrit from some random blogger.

Not to say everything on program was gratuitously esoteric. They did play Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride. Santa came up and did the thing: he tricked the choir director into giving up his baton and then conducted the orchestra for a while. I don't know why that never gets old for me. I might be entering my second childhood.
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