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Check out the beautiful cork board made for me by [ profile] teddyradiator!

I've wanted one for years but the operational aspects seemed beyond me - that is to say, glue guns and I do not get along. This one is cooler than those others anyway, with its champagne corks peeking in between the regular ones. It fits on this shelf perfectly. I wonder how long I can get away with keeping it here before Groom needs to see the G-H shelf.

Thank you, Teddy!
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After my daughter's Harry Potter-theme birthday party, I no longer have any doubt that Lord Voldemort could be defeated by a bunch of teens.

Two girls made the authentic Hagrid cake. isn't it impressive? The day before, they actually argued over the exact shade of pink to make the frosting. Ravenclaws! Am I right?

So, we played three games.
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(Thank you, [ profile] magicalpresence, for the pic of your cute "What would Severus do?" pin. As you can see, it's my new icon!)
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Please don't take offense - it's all i can think to call them. must be punchy.


today is the harry potter birthday party! i made these horcruxes out of thrift store finds.


what they lack in class, they'd make up for in good humor.

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It's my little brother's birthday. Facebook said so; it must be true. Though, to be fair to my amazing cognitive functions, I've remembered the date quite easily my whole life, even before the machines took over in 1996 and became our silicon minders.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Facebook. Facebook invited me to comment on my brother's "wall," so I wrote,

"Whoa, whoa, wait - did MOM authorize you to have this birthday? Better check."

Because when we were very young, our mother had the POWER* to withhold the privilege of turning one year older, if we were not very good on or near our birthdays. If we misbehaved, she was known to point a crooked finger and declare, "That's it - you're not turning ten on Tuesday. You have to stay nine for another year. Now off to bed."

Then the trick was to try and make her change her mind before the next Tuesday, and let her deviant child turn another year older.

When we were very young, this was a serious threat.

When we turned, oh, ten? we felt we knew how things stood.

Now that I'm older than dirt, I wish I had that power myself!

*She is clearly imbued with this amazing POWER. In the whole time I've known her, she's never copped to being older than 39. Q.E.D.


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