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My best friend from high school sent me a file of Billboard's Top 100 in 2012. Everything in the file is either rap or country. What the hell did I ever do to him? All I could think was "Why did this girl Florida hyphenate her name?" Half the rap songs feature Rhianna. Doesn't that poor kid ever sleep?

I glanced through the more recent bookstore sales events before deleting them all. I really ought to read more books. But I'm into fanfic now; I'm busy.

I unsubscribed to half a dozen retailers. They were really nice about it, in a virtual reality way. Woot even made a joke about possibly giving me one last creepy voice mail, 'cause they're sure we can work it out. At least, I hope it was a joke.

The only unsubscribe I felt guilty about was Sparkpeople, the diet guru. Because I really ought to be eating fewer recreational calories, and Sparkpeople was helping on that score for a while, until they made me feel like a creep for never buying their books.

The only thing I can never bring myself to unsubscribe from is GOOP. This is Gwynneth Paltrow's whenever-the-hell-she-feels-like-it weekly newsletter of first-world household hints. Each issue, Gwynneth lets her avid readers in on the secret of living the life of the American glitterati. It's just so awful. I love it. It's my guilty pleasure. I saved all the unread back issues, preparing for an orgy of vicarious living. By this time next week, I shall know exactly how one directs one's realtor to find the perfect pied-a-terre in Toronto in the event one is forced to film on location.
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On Reddit this week, we've been collecting what we hope will soon be the definitive list of Harry Potter fanfiction sites.

Can you think of any we've missed?
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What's up with you on this fine Sunday? How about doing some web-surfing with me?

* The incomparable [ profile] ladyapplesauce posted a beautiful fanmix set dedicated to Remus and Tonks over in the [ profile] remus_lupin community. There's some beautiful music posted. Even the narration is luminous. Check it out.

* It looks like HP fans are taking over some acreage in reddit. First we had a Harry Potter page, then a subreddit dedicated to fan fiction. Now there's even a Snape subreddit. It's not as organized as lj's community, and the group as a whole seems younger than we are, but I see strong signs of obsession dedication among the members; could get interesting.

* Although it's well past Christmas, [ profile] teddyradiator is posting her Christmas fic, Choose Something Like A Star, on Ashwinder this month. Chapters are going up as fast as I can beta them! It's a lovely, sentimental story about getting a second chance at life and love. Even if you read this on Teddy's lj page over the holidays, be sure and check it out, in honor of Severus Snape's birthday tomorrow.
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I don't normally bitch online about service that's free to me, but dammit, Yahoo Mail is seriously pissing me off these days. Attachments aren't uploading, and now this morning, it's just flat-out refusing to show me my Inbox mail.

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm not one of the cool kids for still using Yahoo, but I've had this account for ten years with nary a blip. Suddenly in the last few months comes the crazy. Feeling helpless.


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