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Not here--we don't get snow in Central California. I mean the movie. My daily delight was, I yelled at one of my least-favorite films.

This is kind of a holiday tradition, in the spirit of my larger sense of ambiguity over the entire Christmas season.

It's one of those movies I love to hate, I guess. In case you happen to like it, I won't list the reasons I do not, because they will only bring you down. Suffice to say, it is a lengthy list.

I only agree to watch with my husband (who loves it) on the firm understanding that at the part where Betty hears a rumor that Bob is going to go behind the back of his beloved general and make a big TV show that exploits the poor man's hardships, my husband will indulge me as I yell at the television screen.

"Jesus Christ, Betty! Tell Bob why you're mad at him! Don't just run off to New York, you passive-aggressive chowderhead!"

Nobody should watch "White Christmas" with me. Too noisy.
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Well, I'm not yet at work on a Thursday. There's a heater repair man in the house right now, cleaning out the coils or whatever, getting the heater ready for winter. His name is Javier, and he doesn't drink caffeine, so that kills my excuse for making another half-pot of coffee on this chilly morning.

Last night, my husband and I watched "Mockingjay Part One," the next-to-last installment of the Hunger Games movies. Not sure if that was its exact title. Didn't see it in theatres when it came out, though we are devoted to the books and the movies, because we wanted to watch it right before the last installment is released. As we expected, the movie was very, very dismal. It reminded me of Deathly Hallows Part One, with its slightly dry chronicling of the run up to the final battle. But there were some heart-pounding moments, too. It was fun to see Effie Trinket, parading around with her nose in the air, insisting she was a political prisoner. There was Phillip Seymour Hoffman, alive and well. He played his role so wonderfully--a Capitol man whose career was spent orchestrating mock battles, now in the middle of a real war and rather out of his depth (for a while). He was so good, and it made me miss him very much. And oh, Katness singing the folk song for her friends at the water's edge ... We all cried at that part, I have to admit it. We are more than ready for Part Two.

Aaah! Javier has turned on the A/C! Nooo...
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Today we found out our office is getting a brand-new director. Our current boss, who has been Acting Director, will either be bumped down to Assistant Director, or bumped further down to Lowly Analyst, like the rest of us. He is Mr. Depressed right now, though he's trying not to show it. Meanwhile, the rest of us have been googling the crap out of the new director, hoping to glean insight into what her priorities might be when she comes aboard.

All this by way of saying, today was somewhat fraught. Still, I'm really looking forward to a new direction. Will she improve the place, polish it up, return it to its former glory? Will she take the place apart and sell it on Craigslist? I've been there eight years and frankly, either way works for me. I'm good.

At the drug store, I earned one free ticket to see Pitch Perfect 2. Do you think I ought to see the first Pitch Perfect, or would I understand the sequel without seeing the original?

Take the survey below!

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May. 4th, 2015 11:20 am
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Finally saw Avengers: Age of Ultron!

I really liked it for the big, confusing mess it was. Major spoilers under the cut ...

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All in all, good movie! I was very pleased.
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We did manage to get in to see "Catching Fire" on Friday night, by mugging four pre-teens and stealing their tickets.

No! Just kidding! In truth, Fandango unclenched somewhat on the morning of the show. The reason that particular showing was important was that we were celebrating an 18th birthday there. First time I ever ate cake at the movies. Let's not ask how they smuggled it in.

"Catching Fire" was really good; better executed than the first movie, I thought. If you haven't seen it and you're a fan, you won't be disappointed. Unless you're the type of fan who will be distraught that such-and-such a scene wasn't put into the film. There, I can't help you. I barely remembered the book so I approached the film with all the wonder of a child. A slightly sardonic child with credit cards.

We also saw "Gravity" over the weekend. It's amazing and you should make any effort humanly possible to see it in 3-D. That is all.
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"Catching Fire" is completely sold out tonight at both our local theatres. We waited too long! Curse you, pre-teens!

If the three of us are going to see it together, we may wait until mid-week. Girl has not committed to any alternate plans involving her lame-ass parents; Groom and I would rather see "Thor," if we wind up just going together. We surely do love our superheroes.

Meanwhile, I have learned that my Hunger Games name is Jayeless D. Jumpoak. Isn't that cool? Create your own District name here. (ETA: corrected the link)
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A family reunion should be somewhere glamourous and exotic. So why did we agree to downtown Santa Rosa, California?


I can't even. Good thing my family is so awesome, we bring the party wherever we go.

In other news, Red 2 was a lot of fun. It started out slow, but they seemed to have been establishing interpersonal relationships, which I can't really fault them for. The pace picks up about the time David Thewlis makes his appearance. I don't want to risk a spoiler, but when somebody kissed him, I about came up out of my seat. That's MY Dear Remus, you bitch!
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Our own [ profile] cabepfir is involved in a digital comic project called The Endling. I've never seen anything like it - it looks like a static comic book page at first, but they've done cool things to make the telling of the story more immediate and dramatic. You can subscribe via RSS if you like the prologue. The last line hooked me.

Speaking of comics, Iron Man 3 was a big ol' action-packed, explode-o-rama, kitchen-sink kind of movie. There were plot holes galore, and at least 7,000 separate, insultingly unbelievable (even in the age of CGI) ironman suit antics. But it was still better than Iron Man 2. I recommend it heartily.
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Don't tell my boss, but I called in sick today because last night we went to the midnight premiere of "The Hobbit."

Hobbit-y goodness )

I'm a bit of a zombie this afternoon, having gotten only about four hours of sleep. That's my last midnight movie, I fear. They're great fun in spirit, but wow, the body just doesn't take this no-sleep thing in stride the way it used to. No wonder Groom and I were just about the only Boomers in the crowd. 

Off to eat second breakfast!
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I'm battling depression today. Actually, no - I'm showing depression my soft white underbelly today.

Thaaaat's better. Class, take notes: Accuracy pays.

Sincerely hoping this is just a hormonal thing, or at least a blood sugar thing. Something I can deal with.

I ate a late breakfast and already feel marginally better - better enough to write y'all, for instance. Maybe a walk at lunch and a big big salad will help.

I saw this, though, and I had to jump online and share. I thought some select few of you might appreciate, as I do, the Confluence of Awesome it represents:

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A rare fit of impetuosity seized the Groom last night, and he declared he wanted to see Snow White and the Huntsman. So we went, and I have to say, it was a much better movie than the reviews had led me to believe. The dialogue was so-so, but the actors really stepped up - even Kristin Stewart, who I am beginning to think is just badly directed in the 'Twilight' series. And the special effects were beautiful / terrifying. All in all, well worth the price of admission.

I shudder to think what fanfic writers will do with the dynamic between the Huntsman and William, the childhood friend. Groom asked me what I meant by that, but I told him he was too young.


May. 15th, 2012 11:33 pm
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So, The Avengers rocked, and that is all. I've seen it twice already! Trying to explain the reasons to rational people has been impossible. So I'll just list for you my Top Five Reasons Why The Avengers Rocked:

5) Scarlett Johanson as Black Widow. Both the actress and the character held their own. I loved how Black Widow was the only girl on the team. When I was a teenager, I created my own comics and dreamed of writing for Marvel. But more importantly, I dreamed of being the only girl superhero on an all-boy team. Make of that what you will. 

4) Agent Coulson. He's appeared in all the Avengers prequels. He's the ultimate bureaucrat. And he's so cuddly. I can't find a video without spoilers, so just take my word.

3) Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. The Hulk was the only pre-Avengers movie I haven't seen. But please believe, if he'd've been Bruce Banner instead of Edward Norton, I would have been first in line.

2) Loki! I do like a villain who takes joy in his work. I credit Joss Whedon for Loki.

And the thing that made me weep ... you're going to think this is weird ... I can't believe I'm writing this ...

1) The Avengers spent a good 30 movie minutes laying waste to a fair-sized city.

No, come back! You don't understand! Look at the picture above. Nary an issue of the Avengers comic went by where our heroes and heroines did not significantly lower the local property value. Alien creatures slammed into airports! Giant monsters battered with train cars! Skyscrapers punctured with laser beams! And every issue contained a panel much like this picture, right down to the rubble-strewn streets. I told you I wanted to write for Marvel! They were total geniuses over there.

Sigh. Well, in other news, I'm happy to report I am still in the game over at the Snupin_LDWS challenge! There are some awesomely talented writers participating; it's a bit intimidating, but I have to say I'm learning a lot from them on the art of the drabble.  Please drop by, read and vote this week!
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Somebody just shared this with me: 20 iconic male movie roles in which Helen Mirren would have ruled.

I am here to say, if Helen Mirren were in any of these roles (except maybe Tootsie), I would immediately go and see her. I loved her in Red, which was otherwise a spotty piece of cinematic work. They should immediately re-make Red and put her in the Bruce Willis role and let her kidnap / rescue / charm & enamour the love interest, played by, oh, I don't know ... Ryan Reynolds. No, too provincial. Daniel Radcliffe! No, dammit, too young. Alan Rickman! Well, anyway. I would see it. Here she is, wearing boots and kicking butt.


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